Daniel Jensen

Daniel Jensen
Vice President

20140915 GS DSC 0104

I was born in Florida while my parents were on a short furlough from the mission field. When I was six weeks old, my parents, two brothers and three sisters moved to Brazil. We lived on farms in four different places in rural areas of Brazil. We lived like the locals did in houses without electricity or indoor plumbing. My dad had a degree in agriculture and part of his ministry was to show/teach fellow farmers the best farming techniques for the area. When I was seven, we moved to Taiwan where, for the first time, we had an indoor bathroom and lights that turned on with the flip of a switch. Sometimes, we would stay overnight at an American family's house where they had an amazing thing they called a television!  It was all quite a culture shock. While we were in Taiwan, my parents had their last child, and I now had five brothers and four sisters.


Eventually, I settled in San Angelo and started working in the residential construction field. in the early days I did roofing, framing and remodeling on homes, then moved to trim and cabinet building. I ended up going to work for my brother David's company building houses, doing subdivisions etc.


Through the 1990s and in to the early 2000s, I was very involved in groups dealing with issues concerning home building and land developing at the national, state and local levels.  When the years had passed and I had a child of my own, a very dear friend and mentor of mine, David Duncan, suggested I look into sending her to Cornerstone where his children went. Brooklynn started school at CCS in K5 and graduated from here in 2012.  My son Louis started in K4 and is currently a sophomore here at Cornerstone.


I had the privilege of being invited to join the CCS Board in the spring of 2000 and have served there in various positions ever since.  I felt honored to be able to use some of the gifts and talents the Lord has given me during our construction and remodeling projects. I feel that service at CCS is the mission that God has for me at this stage of my life while I have school-aged children.


I feel that God has great things in store for Cornerstone Christian School. We have been around less than 30 years but we already have a wonderful heritage. We honor God and His Word and Principles are taught here; that changes lives. My goal is for us to always follow God's leading and to endeavor to fully fulfill His mission for us. I want to see us continue to increase in excellence in all areas. We should be known for our service to God through the excellence of our programs, and the love, compassion, discipline, desire for excellence, and heart of service demonstrated by our students, families, faculty, staff and board. People should be drawn to us because there is something different about us that they desire to be a part of. I want to see us be even more involved in service in the local area and to greatly increase our mission efforts both here in the US and abroad. God has placed a burning desire in my heart for us to be a place that trains up Godly leaders. We will all be leaders in one way or another within our sphere of influence, whether as parents, at work, church etc. we all influence other people. I want our graduates to be fully equipped to move forward in their next level of education and be Godly leaders in whatever mission God has for their life.


God has blessed us with such great facilities (able to serve about 500 students), a wonderful administrative team, as well as a great faculty and staff; we are poised for great growth.  Over the next decade or so, I would love to see us outgrow our current facilities and have to expand again. I would like to see our CCS Foundation grow to over $10 million so we can provide tuition assistance and scholarships to make a Christian education within reach for as many families as possible. I believe God is calling us to faith, growth, outreach and excellence within the framework of Christian education. I desire for us to be Cornerstone Christian School - Where God and Education Come Together - training up the Godly leaders of tomorrow through an excellent Christ-centered education.

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