Cross Country

2017-2018 Results

Date Meet Name Mileage Place Time
08-30-17 Christoval HS Hannah Slate 2 mile 53rd 15:06:84
    Blake Johnson 5K 22nd 19:20:72PR
    Cody Enck 5K 27th 19:38:72PR
    Reagan McQueen 5K 32nd 19:58:00
    Seth Hernandez 5K 54th 21:15:52
09-09-17 ASU Stampede - JH Lesli Salas 2 mile 2nd 12:49:16PR
    Jaidden Villanueva 2 mile 6th 12:17:11PR
    Jasper Glass 2 mile 63rd 14:19:34PR
    Peyton Harris 2 mile 72nd 14:31:72PR
 09-09-17 ASU Stampede - HS Jessica Simon 2 mile 2nd 12:37:71
    Hannah Slate 2 mile 19th 13:59:94
    Blake Johnson 5K 24th 19:38:70PR
    Reagan McQueen 5K 37th 20:08:89PR
    Cody Enck 5K 46th 20:34:83PR
    Seth Hernandez 5K 54th 20:53:70PR
09-14-17 Miles HS Meet Jessica Simon 2 mile 1st 12:09:67
    Hannah Slate 2 mile 46th 15:00:72
    Blake Johnson 5K 17th 20:30:44
    Cody Enck 5K 21st 20:42:74
    Reagan McQueen 5K 24th 21:02:97
    Seth Hernandez 5K 42nd 22:10:57
09-23-17 Rankin JH Meet Lesli Salas 2 mile    
    Grace DeLaughter 2 mile    
    Mireya Chacon 2 mile    
    Rylie Clements 2 mile    
    Hanna Kincheloe 2 mile    
    Jaidden Villanueva 2 mile    
    Jasper Glass 2 mile    
09-30-17 CCS Invitational - JH Lesli Salas 2 mile 1st 12:30:15
    Rylie Clements 2 mile 26th 15:55:87
    Hanna Kincheloe 2 mile 61st 21:06:62
    Peyton Harris 2 mile 16th 13:36:22PR
    Jasper Glass 2 mile 17th 13:42:15
09-30-17 CCS Invitational - HS Jessica Simon 2 mile 1st 12:34:26
    Hannah Slate 2 mile 4th 14:42:88
    Blake Johnson 3 mile 3rd 17:10:72
    Cody Enck 3 mile 6th 17:36:18
    Seth Hernandez 3 mile 8th 18:22:94
    Reagan McQueen 3 mile 9th 18:31:06
10-06-17 Water Valley Classic - JH Lesli Salas 2 mile 1st 13:27:90
    Grace DeLaughter 2 mile 18th 15:59:36
    Mireya Chacon 2 mile 32nd 16:51:11
    Rylie Clements 2 mile 47th 17:34:38
    Hanna Kincheloe 2 mile 81st 21:06:18
    Jaidden Villanueva 2 mile 1st 12:51:51
    Jasper Glass 2 mile 10th 14:19:75
    Peyton Harris 2 mile 12th 14:35:78
10-06-17 Water Valley Classic - HS Jessica Simon 2 mile 1st 13:10:28
    Hannah Slate 2 mile 6th 15:19:95
    Blake Johnson 3 mile 1st 19:40:20PR
    Cody Enck 3 mile 3rd 20:33:64
    Reagan McQueen 3 mile 4th 20:34:08
    Seth Hernandez 3 mile 16th 22:19:73
10-30-17 TAPPS State XC Meet Jessica Simon 2 mile 2nd 12:41:8
    Hannah Slate 2 mile 6th 14:21:5
    Blake Johnson 5K 8th 19:40:7
    Cody Enck 5K 13th 20:15:9PR
    Seth Hernandez 5K 14th 20:20:6PR
    Reagan McQueen 5K 19th 20:31:9
    Jackson McQueen 5K 87th 26:58:2PR


TAPPS Awards

All State Cross Country: Frank Cargile

5th Place Team Award:  HS Boys' Team:  Everett Bailey, Noah Bird, Grant Peter, Josiah Salazar-Fox, Carter Wagnor, Tyler Wingo

2nd Place Team Award:  HS Boys' Team: Seth Hernandez, Reagan McQueen, Carter Wagnor, Tyler Wingo, Elijah Woodfin
All State Cross Country:  Hannah Slate, Carter Wagnor

4th Place Team Award:  HS Boys' Team:  Cody Enck, Seth Hernandez, Blake Johnson, Jackson McQueen, Reagan McQueen
All State Cross Country:  Blake Johnson, Jessica Simon, Hannah Slate

College Signees

Ryan Hernandez, Class of 2013, Trinity University
Alexis Latham, Class of 2013, Angelo State University

Jasper Glass leads a group of runners at the ASU Stampede.

Lesli Salas quickly moves into second place as she competes in her first cross country race.  

After weeks of practicing, the middle school boys are off and running at their first cross country meet of the season.

Running together as a team of two for the first time in a year, Jessica Simon and Hannah Slate start the race.

Jessica Simon stays with the leader at the ASU Stampede.

Hannah Slate keeps a good pace at the ASU Stampede.

Listening to Coach Gabe's advice, Reagan McQueen gets out quick at the start.

Believing "no pain, no gain", Blake Johnson continues to push himself.

"No pace, just race" is Cody Enck's favorite quote.

Lesli Salas and Rylie Clements are ready to run.

Pushing hard to the finish, Peyton Harris sets a new personal record at the CCS Invitational.

Coach Barber cheers Blake Johnson home at the CCS Invitational.

Giving all he has, Seth Hernandez eyes the finish line at the CCS Invitational.

CCS Cross Country athletes display their "bling" after the CCS Mills Caraway Invitational.  

Proper warm up and stretching before the race.

Fighting for position, Grace DeLaughter eyes the finish line.

Rylie Clements makes a mad dash for the finish.

Giving it her all, Hanna Kincheloe is determined to improve each meet.

Loud and proud, CCS family and friends cheer on the runners.

Approaching the finish line, Blake Johnson knows he is about to win his first high school gold medal.

Cody Enck and Reagan McQueen are ready to battle for third place.

Ryan Hernadez competes in his last ASU Stampede. (2012)

Alexis Latham, Coach Mills Caraway, and Alexis Johnston are all smiles before the cross country meet at Miles.  (2012)

Team Alexis get at the start of the Miles Cross Country Meet (2012).